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Project Description
VFPTweetAPI is an MS Visual Foxpro implementation of the twitter API. It's intended both for usage in native foxpro and as COM Server for use in any COM/OLE enabled programming language.

I fixed an oAuth issue. It took me quite a while to find the error at last on my side. You find the V0.3 release in Downloads.

A presistency layer is added with the libpersist.prg package, which creates a VFP database and saves user data of your login and other users (public, friends and followers) and their statuses as they come in with timeline requests.

The first short test you could do is start the _test.prg from the vfptweetapi.pjx project. That'll already do the oAuth authentication process and read your timeline afterwards, saving it to a foxpro database.

I also added a little test form to test the API methods and have a reference implementation on how to use the API. This includes authenticating via oAuth and sending tweets.
If you want to test the new sample form, you can start the EXE included, provided you have VFP9 SP2 installed. Otherwise open the vfptweetapi.pjx and start _main.prg to see the test form.

Click on the "Sign in with Twitter" button, then you'll be provided with twitter authentication in your standard browser and need to return with the PIN number given by twitter after you allow access to the VFPTweetAPI. That Pin must be entered in the PIN textbox and after tabbing to the next Editbox (in fact a Textarea within a Webbrowser control) you'll see your login name in the upper right corner. Now the form's ready to send as many tweets as you like.

Support for other request formats than XML is scheduled for later, for now xml suits all needs.

For now, if you make a request, the response XML will automatically be parsed and returned user profiles will go into tabUsers, returned statuses in tabStatuses, returned Direct Messages into tabDirectMessages. Take a look in there, you'll for example find userid's needed to send a direct message to someone, etc.

These tables are subject to change eventually, so you can already play around a bit, but don't rely on this not changing anymore.

OLE support is only indicated woth the OlePublic class keyword for now. I'll provide a compiled version for usage via COM from other languages. But a necessary first step will be to also provide access to the data now only stored into foxpro cursors and tables. Additional to simply handing out xml, json,rss,atom responses from twitter I think of returning xml and recordsets of the already parsed data.

What in fact is included is the "VFPTweetAPI.VFPTweetAPI" class within the VFPTweetAPI.exe, but it'll need the VFP runtime and it'll just write response data into a vfp database for now.

I also think of adding some more functionality like the new twitter lists, which replace the idea of groups already.

Finally I plan a twitter client as a seperate project. I already started another codeplex project for it -, but you'll still find this space quite empty.

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